Beyond Heavy Mist
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Stupid Emotions

All the time i seem to get caught up in the rush hour of my stupid emotions. Why couldnt i just keep things simple and see friendship in the making ? No instead i let myself play the games that get me in the shit spiritually. What do i do ? I cant express my feelings just because i know they will get caught in a tangle and then the doom of rejection will be one fat punch to the face. But then again it is only me that brings destruction to the surface because i dont know how to control my stupid emotions unless i keep my mouth shut and reverse out of the situation slowly.

But then i will get hurt ? how do i get out of this rut silently and swiftly, like nothing ever existed, like there was no situation. Do i treat the situation normally or do i keep my distance completely and just be me? a person who doesnt bother about the fact that my emotions need to be feed by human desires? Its all one hell of a mess, my mind is a mess, im a mess !! My mind is everywhere, its in my assignment, my finance, my hair, my body, my studies, my trip to Fiji, my spirit man trying to fight the flesh and it is in the simple things. How do i get out of something i put myself in?